MK 2866 Ostarine 33mg x 30ml


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MK 2866 Ostarine SARM

Also known as MK2866, MK-2866, Ostarine, Enobosarm, Ostarine SARM, GTx-024, S-22, compound 5

Chemical Description

MK 2866, Ostarine, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Module, also known as a SARM.  Ostarine was created to treat muscle wasting and atrophy as well as osteoporosis.   SARMs act similar to androgenic substances, however they select specific tissues and target their androgen receptors differently in each type of tissue.  This is the reason studies have continued for several potential applications.

Ostarine and Athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency firmly banned all SARMS due to the unfair increase in muscle mass, physical fitness and stamina.   Blood tests have been developed for all SARMS including MK 2866 Ostarine.


Chemical Structure


Molecular formula: C19H14F3N3O3

MK 2866 Structural Names:

CAS number: 841205-47-8

Molar Mass: 389.33 g/ mol

PubChem CID:  11552833


Michael Whitt and Karen Veverka invented MK-2866 while working for the University of Tennessee Research Foundation.  It was shortly thereafter licensed to a pharmaceutical company for trials to treat muscle wasting in different types of cancer patients.  They also researched MK 2866 Ostarine to potentially treat osteoporosis.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials failed to treat wasting in lung cancer patients.  Further trials continued to test on patients with prostate cancer in hopes of developing the drug for castration-resistant prostate cancer.  Recently in 2016, Clinical Trials began treating urinary incontinence in women.

Clinical Trials continue to find new uses for MK 2866.

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